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Want to find a horseback riding instructor or stable? Want to find a great place to take horseback riding lessons or go on trail rides? Then you have found the right website! Want to find out how to become a certified riding instructor or how to get your equine facility accredited? Want to purchase horseback riding educational manuals? Then please visit www.CHA-ahse.org!

Purpose of the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA):

To promote excellence in safety and education internationally for the benefit of the horse industry.

Please click here (www.cha-ahse.org) for more information about CHA Programs.

CHA Certification Programs:

  • Standard Instructor Certification Program - English/Western
  • Trail Guide
  • Combined Instructor and Trail Guide
  • Instructors of Riders with Disabilities
  • Driving Instructor and Certified Driver
  • Seasonal Equestrian Staff
  • Equine Faciility Manager
  • Vaulting Coach
  • Equine Facility Site Accreditation
  • Seasonal Equestrian Staff Certification
  • College & University Certification Clinics

Using the Directory:

  • Use Search Directory to search the database by any word - eg. an instructor or facility's name.
  • Searching begins once you have typed the first 3 letters of your word or phrase.
  • Continue to type your complete word or phrase to narrow the search results.
  • Use Advanced Search to do a more specific search by city, state, or other criterion.
  • Use "Clinic Instructor" or "Assistant Clinic Instructor" (without Quotes) in the Standard, Trail, IRD, EFM, or Vaulting Certification level boxes to find Clinic Staff.
  • Use 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the Standard, Trail, IRD, EFM, or Vaulting Certification level boxes to find instructors and seasonal staff at levels 1 - 4.
  • Use "yes" (without Quotes) to search for Approved or Accredited Host Sites, or an Accredited Site Visitor.

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